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The Toybrary

Everyone has been to a library… but have you ever heard of a Toy Library?

Opening hours:


11:00-12:00 & 2:00-4:00

What's a Toybrary?

Hang out, play, and even bring home your favorites to get the most fun out of each toy.
Geared for kids ages 2-7, our brand new toys are fun, educational, high quality and will entertain for hours.
Get ready to discover your new favorite spot!

How to borrow:

Borrow up to 3 toys for 3 weeks!

Option 1: Join the Club
Get the Toybrary add-on to your Museum membership and borrow toys all year round!
Opening Rate: $50

Option 2: One-at-a-Time
Not ready to join? No problem! You can borrow on a one-time basis, whenever you’d like.
$10 Sign-Up Fee (free sign-up for JCM Members) + $4/Toy.

How we work

  • To borrow toys, you need to be 16+.
  • You can return toys to the Toybrary while it’s open, or drop it off at the front desk during museum hours.
  • To access the Toybrary and to borrow, Membership card or Museum admission is required.
  • We expect toys to come back the way they were borrowed – clean, undamaged and complete.
  • If toys are lost or permanently broken, we’ll need you to replace it or pay its worth.
  • Late? There’s a $1/day fee.
  • We don’t do refunds or returns for Toybrary Membership. Once it’s yours, it’s yours.
  • If guidelines aren’t kept, we may need to put your Toybrary benefits on hold.