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Free Visits for NYC Public Schools
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Free Visits for NYC Public Schools

Funded in part by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, the JCM's Public School Initiative program provides free museum admission to public school students with the goal to help them develop respect and understanding for other cultures and traditions.

Our newest program, “Cultural Connections,” introduces students to a colorful array of customs and traditions in the Jewish culture. Experienced museum educators will guide students as they step back in time to explore the Jewish holiday cycle in a quaint, cobblestoned village. Students will shop in a kid-sized Kosher supermarket, press olive oil for the Hanukkah menorah, and crawl through the world’s largest challah-bread.

As students examine the roots and basis for many Jewish customs, they will recognize manners of conduct that stand at the root of practices found in other cultures around the world.

Curriculum Standards
This program aligns to the following NYS learning standards:
ELA 1, 3, 4. MST 7. SS 2, 5. ARTS 4.

Requirements for Grant Approval
The JCM Public School Initiative provides a grant to NYC Public School students, allowing them free admission to the Jewish Children's Museum. One chaperone for every ten students is also admitted free of charge.
Schools receiving the Public School Initiative grant are required to do the following:
• Use pre-visit teacher’s guides to prepare students for a Museum visit.
• Complete and submit teacher post-visit survey.
• Complete and submit student post-visit survey.
• Complete and submit at least one post-visit activity.
Participating schools are provided with pre-addressed, postage-paid envelopes to mail the surveys and activities to the Museum.

*Limited slots available, call 718.907.8888 to reserve.

Cultural Connections Program Flyer
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